Chemical pesticide formulations

The pesticide formulation contains the active ingredient (Active Ingredient) and the active ingredient as a pesticide and the inert ingredient includes carriers and auxiliaries. Active pesticides and formulations to better understand the nature of the products Pesticides are used in processes such as aqueous formulation derived from emulsion concentrate, suspension concentrate, wettable powders, granules in water for spray.Many available liquid and dry formulations, including EC , S, F, Dt, B, WP, SP and many more. Pasols, water-soluble packages, because of their special pest control properties, cannot be classified as formulations of dry and liquid pesticides.

To improve the pesticide’s ability to control pests, auxiliaries are used in the formulation, although the auxiliaries themselves do not play a pesticide role. When choosing a pesticide formulation, the pesticide user must take into account the risks associated with the formulation and its effective control because having a clear understanding of the formulations before using the pesticide will help the user avoid Mistakes and incidents in product selection, mixing, loading and use.

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