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Kimia Sabz Moghan

Kimia Sabz Moghan Company (KSMC), is one of the well-known trustable importer and distributor of agrochemicals including fertilizers and pesticides in Iran, which was founded in 2010. The company is the exclusive agency of different reputable American, European and Asian companies that have brilliant records in production of fertilizers.

KSMC is the partner of global manufacturer and exclusive representative of Metropol Kimya Company of Turkey, Stoller Company of USA, Neufarm Company of German and United Agricultural Services of America Inc. in Iran.


- Improving the health of the food through the import and distribution of quality agricultural products
- Increasing and maintaining the company's specialized knowledge through continuous research and development (R & D)
- Emphasis on company commitment to customers


- Developing a culture of learning, innovation, creativity, continuous improvement, teamwork and participation.
- Alignment and coordination of the organization goals with personal goals of the staff for balancing work and family, so as to provide the employee's satisfaction and loyalty.
- Legalism; we regard administering national and international laws related to our mission and the performance of the company as an infrastructural value.


- Satisfaction of customers based on product quality and good performance of services
- Employees satisfaction based on financing, job stability, social character and individual excellence
- Established brand as a premium brand in the field of key products


Promoting quantity, quality and variety of agricultural products

Green Kimia Board of Directors





Chairman: Sajjad Agahi Giglou

Vice Chairman: Hamed Feizizadeh

Chief Executive Officer: Marhamat Agahi Giglou

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Import and distribution of seeds, fertilizers and chemical pesticides from reputable companies